Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Project Management, Second Edition


Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Project Management, Second Edition

As organizations continue to move toward “project-based” management to get more done with fewer resources, and as the demand for effective project managers continues to grow, more and more individuals find themselves with the opportunity to manage projects for the first time. In an ideal world, every new project manager candidate would complete certified project management training programs and serve as an apprentice before starting his or her first project manager opportunity, but…this is the real world. In many cases, a quicker, more accessible, and more economical alternative is needed to guide these candidates in managing projects successfully the first time. The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Project Management, Second Edition, is intended to provide this alternative with a helpful, fun, and informative style

About This Book
Let’s review the objectives and approach of this book

The objectives of this book include the following:
■ To be an easy-to-use tutorial and reference resource for any person managing
their first project(s).
■ To teach the key concepts and fundamentals behind project management
techniques. If these are understood, they can be applied effectively independent
of toolset, environment, or industry.
■ To reduce the “on-the-job” learning curve by sharing the traits of successful
projects and “lessons learned” from less-than-successful projects.
■ To balance the breadth of topics covered with adequate depth in specific
areas to best prepare a new project manager.
■ To review the skills and qualities of effective project managers.
■ To emphasize the importance of project “leadership” versus just project



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