Construction Cost Management Second edition


Construction Cost Management
Second edition

This second edition updates Construction Cost Management: Learning from case studies which
was first published in 2008. Following feedback from independent academic reviewers the
structure of the book was kept the same but each chapter was brought up to date and modified
where appropriate.

With a new joint author – Dr Nii A. Ankrah – each chapter was thoroughly reviewed and
enhanced with the addition of further case studies in both the building and civil engineering
sectors. A thorough review of relevant published academic articles was undertaken and, where
appropriate, further academic references and relevant websites were also included. These
additions now make the second edition a suitable starting point for many procurement and cost
management-related dissertation topics.
Since the publication of the first edition we have received useful information from many
senior quantity surveyors and commercial managers representing consultants, public and private
clients and contractors and major specialist contractors. The chapters on the NEC3 and FIDIC
Red Book have been considerably enhanced after feedback from a wide range of students and
practitioners with experience of working in different countries. These, together with observations
received from undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Wolverhampton,
have further enriched the content of this book. Finally, we would like to thank our valued fellow
colleague Pauline Corbett for her invaluable comments – they have always been pertinent and


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