Planning and Design of Engineering Systems Second Edition


Planning and Design of Engineering Systems
Second Edition

Planning and design are the key activities which, together with management, allow any engineering project to be taken from the initial concept stage through to successful implementation. Each engineering project, whether in the most traditional or the newest developing field, relies for its success on the application of the basic processes of planning, design and management. Our prime aim in this book is to show how the processes of planning and design are carried out. However, the underlying purpose of the book is somewhat broader: to explain the nature of engineering and to describe the type of work engineers undertake. 

The book therefore deals with the problems engineers are called on to solve, and, most importantly, the simple, common sense methodologies that are used to solve engineering problems. It also describes some quantitative tools that are used in undertaking
 the work of engineering planning and design.
The book has been written for students who are commencing their studies of engineering, and for lecturers who are presenting classes to students in the early semesters of an engineering course program. It is also intended for non-specialist readers who seek information on the nature of engineering work and how it is carried out. Some of the more advanced material in the later chapters may be presented in the later years of an engineering degree program


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