Project Management in Construction Sixth Edition


Project Management in Construction Sixth Edition
Anthony Walker

The management of construction projects has been carried out since people first cooperated to erect buildings, yet there is little documented knowledge of how people interacted in this process. It is revealing that historical and contemporary accounts of construction work pay little attention to how people worked together and managed their activities. Writers over the ages have concentrated upon the buildings themselves, particularly on aesthetics, the use of new materials, technological developments and the impact of buildings on their environment. How people were organised and managed received scant attention until recent times. What was written tended to be about such charismatic characters of enormous ability as Brunel and Wren, and not about how they structured their organisations.

Organisation and the Construction Process
Systems Thinking and Construction Project Organisation
Clients and Stakeholders
The Project Team
A Model of the Construction Process
Authority, Power and Politics
Project Leadership
Organisation Structures
Analysis and Design of Project Management Structures

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