Project Management Planning and Control Techniques 3 Edition By Rory Burke


Project Management Planning and Control Techniques 3 Edition

The third edition has been re-structured in-line with the revised projectmanagement body of knowledge (PMBOK, 1996), with a chapter on each ofthe nine knowledge areas. In addition there are chapters discussing projectorganisation structures, project leadership, project team building, and projectmanagement computing. The planning and control cycle outlines the specialproject management techniques through worked examples and exercise

Chapter 1 Introduction to Project Management
Chapter 2 History of Project Management
Chapter 3 Project Life-Cycle

Chapter 4 Feasibility Study
Chapter 5 Project Selection
Chapter 6 Project Estimating
Chapter 7 Planning and Control Cycle
Chapter 8 Scope Management
Chapter 9 Work Breakdown Structure (WSB)
Chapter 10 Critical Path Method (CPM)
Chapter 11 Schedule Barchart
Chapter 12 Procurement Schedule
Chapter 13 Rmource Planning
Chapter 14 Project Accounts
Chapter 15 Project Control
Chapter 16 Earned Value
Chapter 17 Quality Management
Chapter 18 Project Risk Management
Chapter 19 Project Communication
Chapter 20 Project Organisation Structures
Chapter 21 Project Teams
Chapter 22 Project Leadership
Chapter 23 Project Management Computing

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