Composite Structures Safety Management


Composite Structures Safety Management

This book is intended for composite safety specialists in industry, government and
academia and for advanced graduate students with an interest in bettering their understanding
of the challenges of safety in designing composite structure.
The steady stream of new materials, processes and new structural concepts has made
empirical structural design approaches obsolete and the absence of pertinent service
experience, especially with regard to transport-category airplanes, has forced a rethinking
of the role of safety in structural design.

Innovation is the state of the evolution of composite structures. Explicit safety measures
have to be introduced or innovation will not be manageable from a safety standpoint.
Innovation comes with several levels of uncertainty and risk management, and
monitoring of safety levels and control processes for safety level correction in service.
A well-defined ‘ family ’ of safety-specific ‘ elements of safety ’ will blaze the trail for
future regulations in composites design, manufacturing, maintenance, operation and
process development. Safety is a time-dependent variable. Requirements must be kept
current and well-defined, while the means of compliance must be adaptable.
This book sets the stage for safety-based airplane structural development that takes
advantage of innovation to improve airplanes and to make them safer and cheaper. It discusses
different safety goals promoted by the Federal Aviation Administration and demonstrates
‘ what it takes. ’ The future of structures belongs to composites but only if they
are introduced through safe innovation and use of explicit safety measures.

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