Construction Project Management - An integrated approach


Construction Project Management - An integrated approach

Many books have been written on project management and there are two

approaches to it. One deals mainly with the tools and techniques of project

management and provides instruction on what they are and how to use

them. The other approach takes a managerial viewpoint and is concerned

more with the context and the way in which decisions are made and the
tools which are most appropriate in that situation. This book is more allied
to the managerial approach, analysing how techniques have been applied
in traditional and best practice and synthesising additional guidance on
evaluating contextual factors, which make the projects unique
In construction in particular, there is a long history of project management
and standard systems have been set up which have become comfortable, but
have not always produced the best value for the client. Every project is
different and has at least a unique location, and due to the time and budget
constraints the final product is an untested prototype, which has been subject
to continuing design variations. Therefore, at first, it is a particular challenge
to an industry that has not standardised its products. The industry is also quite
fragmented with inexperienced clients and separate design and construction
organisations. The supply chain can often be quite long with some detailed
design provided at a second and third tier contract level, with little direct
labour provided by the main contractor. This presents additional challenges to
the construction project manager who needs to co-ordinate the design and
construction sides and make decisions based on the promises of others.


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