Effective Team Leadership for Engineers


Effective Team Leadership for Engineers

This book is the product of many people’s minds and efforts. Each has contributed

insight, facts, experience, introductions and personal support during its preparation.

Our contacts in companies around the world who have embraced change, have

willingly given us time and access to information. This has helped us understand
and record in these pages best practice approaches, and a step by step overview on
how to handle all the day to day activities that team leaders and their teams need to
undertake to deliver outstanding performance.

The concept of leadership has been researched for generations.
Prior to the 1950s, theories which attempted to identify distinct, innate personality
traits associated with successful leadership were prevalent. The goal of these studies
was to find a ‘single best way’, in other words to define certain qualities or psychological
traits that were common to all good leaders. The traits that were examined
and considered to be of importance included intelligence, fluency of speech, physicality,
and whether a person had an introvert or extravert personality



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