Project Management Gary R. Heerkens, PMP


Project Management Gary R. Heerkens, PMP

This book chronicles the exploits of Brad—a fictional character 
who’s been thrust into the wonderful world of project 

management. Just like many project management professionals

I’ve met in my many years in the field, he was drawn into the 
battle reluctantly, but he emerged wanting more. 

And as you will soon discover, project management is actually 

a curious combination of art and science. The artistry refers 

to the leadership part of the role, or the people component. 


science—which we will explore with Brad—consists of the tools 

and techniques that form the underpinnings of the entire project 

management process. But instead of simply providing information 

on project management tools and their proper use, this 
book will explore the principles behind their use. This marriage 
of tools and the principles behind them yields a powerful, plainlanguage 
guide that not only explains how to do things, but
why they need to be done. 
The book presents a realistic view of project management—
a very difficult, yet rewarding profession. The role of project 
manager is a particularly challenging job. Actually, many practicing 

project managers consider overcoming challenges to be 

the essence of their job. So this book explores project management
from the standpoint of challenges. The very first chapter, 
in fact, explores the question of whether you should even take 

on the role at all! Don’t let me scare you though. This book—if
you stick with it—will provide all of the tools and techniques 
you’ll need to overcome just about any problem related to the 

science of project management


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