Basic Cost Engineering


Basic Cost Engineering

As this material is not new in some areas, it is how the methodology is used
that can make strides in improving value. While use of the value methodology can
reduce the costs, it can do so much more by improving teamwork, adding value,

and developing the right project, process, program, project, system, or technique.

A specific area of interest, in addition to learning and practicing the job plan,

is the identification of value mismatches between what an item costs and what it is

worth. The building of teams through function analysis and practicing good people

skills can strengthen the team's use of the job plan to create, select, develop, and

present to management solid alternative ways to improve the original concepts.

The book emphasizes certain areas that can be focused on during a value improvement
study effort.

Value Engineering covers aspects of value improvement studies that can be
used as a learning course or as a teaching reference. The life cycle cost and team
leader practice situation problems and exams are to be used as a review of the material
and provide tools to help learn the material being covered.
Chapters 1-25 provide an introduction to the value methodology. During
this course of instruction an actual project may be concurrently used with the reading
material to conduct a value improvement study on a project, program, process,
system, or technique so that the group may demonstrate to management the benefits
of using this improvement tool. Chapters 26-55 focus on practicing as team
leaders to guide the group through example problems provided.
As this field continues to grow, more and more professionals may be needed
to improve value. We are responsible for finding and using methods such as the
value methodology to improve the outcome of each item being planned. As the
Association of General Contractors stated a few years ago

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