BIM and Construction Management


BIM and Construction Management

This book shares a rounded perspective of how BIM and enabling
technologies are changing the way we collaborate and distribute
information. As an industry, we are constantly facing new challenges
in the field of construction. This book will show how many of these
challenges are being addressed with cutting-edge tools, leveraged with
experience, and a practical application of the “right tools for the right
job.” There is a shift happening in the construction management market
in the context of technology, and this book serves as a catalyst for
more fundamental changes that create positive outcomes.

The first version of BIM and Construction Management: Proven Tools, Methods,
and Workflows (Sybex, 2009) by Brad Hardin was written just as the construction
industry had largely begun to pay attention to this exciting new tool and process:
building information modeling. Since then, the pace and transformational changes that
have cascaded through the industry have been remarkable. Now clash detection, 4D
sequencing, model estimates, and walk-throughs have become table stakes. Customers are
now asking about Big Data, model to prefabrication, life-cycle energy modeling, project
partnering approaches, and how BIM can mitigate other risk factors during construction.
And still the pace of technology continues to move at an incredible rate.

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