Construction Purchasing & Supply Chain Management


Construction Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Construction Purchasing & Supply Chain Management is an authoritative guide that provides proven strategies for the construction supply chain management (CSCM) function. The material in this book explains how to achieve maximum integration with upstream and downstream supply chain members using the latest methodologies and technologies. It is also a comprehensive step-by-step guide to CSCM that is intended to help project owners, design engineers, architects, prime contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and construction managers involved in construction projects throughout the world establish a strategic framework to meet the budgetary and scheduling goals of any project. This book can be used to teach the fundamentals of construction purchasing and supply management in a logical, simple, and concise format in construction management courses designed for undergraduate business and civil engineering students or for construction management graduate students. CSCM focuses on strategies for Lean construction including just-in-time purchasing, supplier evaluation,
subcontractor selection, subcontractor relationship management, equipment acquisition, information sharing, and project quality management. The treatment of CSCM in this book is extensive and complete. There are more than 70 illustrations and ready-to-use forms.

The construction industry has changed in its complexity over time.
However, the primary objective of the industry is basically the same as
it was 100 years ago: to build communities, roads, schools, homes,
businesses, and hospitals. In 2007 approximately $2 trillion was spent
in the construction industry. A unique project-delivery system is the
cornerstone of the construction industry. The industry is fragmented
and distinguished by a collection of large and small firms, related bulk
material suppliers, and many other support professionals. The typical
supply chain for any given construction project could include architects
and engineers, prime contractors, specialty subcontractors, and
material suppliers that come together one time to build a single project
for a specific owner

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