Supervision is a topic of fundamental importance to the construction industry.
The construction supervisor is the person who plans, directs, and coordinates
onsite activities that result in turning drawings and specifications into reality.

The supervisor is in the most influential position of anyone on or off the job site
to make or break a construction project, to make the project profitable or unprofitable,
to make the job safe or unsafe, and to develop satisfied customers or lose 
dissatisfied ones.

The supervisor’s job is highly complex and requires extensive knowledge and
skills. The supervisor must be familiar with the craft skills required to execute the
project. He must be highly skilled in communication, both written and oral. He
must understand how to work with and engage people at all levels through a
variety of legal and organizational relationships. The supervisor must be able to
read, interpret, and execute construction contracts and must be aware of human
resource law, as well. She must be able to plan, schedule, and coordinate the work
of the project. She must understand construction costs and the interaction of cost,
schedule, production, and quality, all within the context of maintaining a safe work
environment. According to Don Kawal, retired CEO of Klinger Constru


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