Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling


Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling

This text is the first in a set of books intended to ultimately present a brand-new project management

concept called Momentum Management (Momentology). This first book is all about

how to create Project Schedules that have credibility, because Applied Momentum is only as

good as the Project Schedules upon which it is dependent.

Before I proceed any further, there is one more nuance I care to highlight right at the outset,
even before I give a brief summary of what Momentology is all about. Writing about how to
create better Project Schedules naturally requires making frequent references to how
Scheduling Practices are currently performed. It also requires reference to commonly accepted
terminology. The problem is that I take issue with both of these “standards”—the practices
and the terminology. I happen to think that today’s scheduling terminology is in dire need of
a complete overhaul, just as I think that the Scheduling Practice has lost sight of our prime
customer, the project manager, and what he needs


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