Ferry and Brandon’s Cost Planning of Buildings


Ferry and Brandon’s Cost Planning of Buildings

This book is intended as an introduction to Cost Planning for practicing quantity surveyors and
as a textbook for students talking the Final Examination (Quantities Part II) of the Royal Institution  of Chartered Surveyors, or the Third Examination of the Institute of Quantity Surveyors. I  have therefore assumed that the reader is already familiar with the ordinary processes of Quantity Surveying, particularly the preparation of bills of quantities, and this is taken for granted  in the text; nevertheless I hope that the book may be read with advantage by members of  allied professions.

I have tried to present the subject in a way that will be helpful to the surveyor coming to

grips with it for the first time, and have concentrated on explaining the basic principles, basic

methods and some of the main pitfalls. I have not tried to reprint the masses of tables, charts
and detailed examples which have appeared in the technical press, as once the principles have
been understood the reader will find the lack of time rather than lack of material which will
limit his further studies. A list of some of this material is included as an appendix to the book.
I have received a good deal of assistance in the compilation of this work from the various
organisations that are mentioned therein, but I would particularly like to mention the help
given by the officers of Hertfordshire County Council Architects Department and the Building
Cost Advisory Service of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


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