Planning Sucessful Museum Building Projects


Planning Sucessful Museum Building Projects

The museum field today faces many challenges. Because museums are recognized,
respected, and supported by their communities in a significant way,
they must have the highest levels of management and leadership skills to meet
the expectations for quality services and engagement that the public demands.
Yet many museum professionals, boards, and supporters lack the resources
and programs to provide these skills. In today’s highly competitive environment
for the public’s time and attention, museums struggle for relevance.
That factor is often the impetus for a variety of bold endeavors.

Museum expansion and renovation is often seen as an imperative. Yet this
most important trend requires extraordinary care in planning and implementation.
Research and observation show that the museum building boom
under way for more than a decade is likely to continue unabated. More than
ever, museums need sound practical advice on how to successfully navigate
what is probably the most expensive and time-consuming activity they will

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