Project Management JumpStart Third Edition


Project Management JumpStart Third Edition

This book walks you through the project life cycle from beginning to end, just
like projects are performed in practice. We’ve included many useful examples,
tips, and hints that will help you solve common project management dilemmas.

The chapters are designed to follow the project life cycle. Here’s a high-level
overview of what this book entails:

Chapters 1–2These chapters lay the foundation of project management
and delve into definitions, project life cycles, and the skills that all good
project managers need for success.
Chapters 3–4This section deals with the Initiation and Planning processes
of the project life cycle. Here you’ll learn why project charters are
important and how to set project goals and document the requirements.
Chapters 5–7These chapters walk you through breaking down the
work of the project into manageable components, acquiring resources,
and identifying and planning for risks.
Chapters 8–9A large part of the planning work is done. Now you’ll
pull it all together into a final project plan, including a project schedule,
final estimates, and the project budget.


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