The Manager’s Guide to Health& Safety atWork


The Manager’s Guide to Health& Safety atWork

Health and safety at work is an area of management activity which, no
matter how an organisation perceives it, cannot be disregarded. There are
many reasons that directors, managers at all levels, employees and health

and safety specialists need to keep up to date with current law and best
practice. For example, the courts are becoming distinctly less sympathetic
towards organisations that cause death, injury and ill-health amongst
their employees. Enforcement agencies are expecting designated
‘competent persons’, such as safety advisers and consultants, to be truly
competent in terms of assisting employers to comply with legal requirements.

In addition, employees have increasing expectations of their
employers with respect to the provision of a safe and healthy workplace.
One particular area that has increased in significance is stress at work.
While the civil liabilities of employers have been greatly clarified by
Court of Appeal guidelines, the Health and Safety Executive has recently
produced its Management Standards for Stress, with which employers are
expected to comply.
This edition has been strengthened through reference to the offence of
‘corporate manslaughter’, the health and safety aspects of the Disability
Discrimination Act, advice on arrangements for home working, lone
working and vulnerable groups, and details of documentation and
record-keeping requirements.


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