Construction Program Management – Decision Making and Optimization Techniques


Construction Program Management
 Decision Making and Optimization Techniques

This book will look on the different program management methods, ranging
from simple decision-making techniques and statistics analysis to the more complex
linear programming, and how program managers, directors, clients, stakeholders,
contractors, and consultants can benefit from the availability of these different

techniques. The book is unique in a way as it looks on how to apply new and

developed techniques to optimize for the delivery of programs mainly in the field of

artificial intelligence especially knowledge-based systems and genetic algorithms.
The author’s unique experience in complex management, program management,
and his past research and studies in analytical analysis and mathematical modeling
and artificial intelligence has induced him to write this book to well inform readers
about the different techniques that can be applied for future program execution.
No doubt indeed, the future of the construction industry will be in how to
execute programs, especially the Middle East war torn areas such as Syria, Libya,
Iraq, and now Yemen. As well, African countries and Asian countries will need to
be able to execute well-managed programs to build their infrastructure with limited
time and constraint budgets.



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