Effective Project Management, 3rd Edition


Effective Project Management, 3rd Edition

This material is also new with the third edition. Much to our surprise the book has been widely adopted in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs. The second edition was not written as a college text, but because of the numerous college adoptions, we have decided to write the third edition as both a reference and as a text. Many college faculty have written and asked for our support. We were cognizant of that need as we prepared this edition. That is why we’ve added more exercises and thought-provoking discussion questions that should add a bit of excitement to class lectures. Additionally, many of the requests for help asked for copies of the figures, so the CD-ROM contains PowerPoint slides of every figure and table in the book

Changes in the Business Environment
Change is constant! We hope that does not come as a surprise to you. Change is always with us and seems to be happening at an increasing rate. Every day we face new challenges and the need to improve yesterday’s practices. As John Naisbett says in The Third Wave, “Change or die.” For experienced project managers as well as “wannabe” project managers, the road to breakthrough performance is paved with uncertainty and with the need to be courageous, creative, and flexible. If we simply rely on a routine application of someone else’s methodology, we are sure to fall short of the mark. As you will see in the pages that follow, we are not afraid to step outside the box and outside our comfort zone. Nowhere is there more of a need for change than in the approach we take to managing projects.


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