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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Planning, Public Policy & Property Markets

Planning, Public Policy & Property Markets

This book reflects an increased realisation among academics and practitioners
that, in an era where development is intended to be sustainable and
where environmental protection needs to be matched by urban, rural and
regional regeneration, effective state–market relations in land and property
are critical to a prosperous economy and a robust democracy. This emphasis
on theoretical integration and ‘joined-up’ practical application was
central to the mission of the Department of Land Economy at the University
of Aberdeen, in which we all worked during the period when this book
was in preparation. Among many other projects, it encouraged a successful
collaborative submission from Aberdeen, Cardiff, Sheffield and Ulster
Universities for a new ESRC Seminar Series on Planning and Development.

The first seminar of that new series was held at the Department of Land
Economy in September 2003 and attracted some thirty prominent academics
and practitioners to debate some of the latest research under the theme
of planning, public policy and property markets. Along with some later
invited contributions, this book has emerged from the papers originally
presented at that seminar.
The book is intended to spark the growing interest in the nature of state–
market relations in land and property both by filling an obvious gap in the
academic literature and by providing a launchpad for broader debate and a
more pluralist property research agenda. Although the book focuses on the
impact of planning, housing, land, regeneration and transport policies on
land and property markets


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