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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Praise for Leading and Managing Innovation

Praise for Leading and Managing Innovation

today are achieved through projects and programs.
Executives in all business, industrial, governmental, and non-governmental organizations need to fully understand the differences between operational and project management principles and practices to best take advantage of the power of effective project management and thereby lead and manage innovations within their enterprise.
This book seeks to satisfy that need by presenting concise descriptions of (1) the key concepts underlying project and program management, (2) the important characteristics of projects and programs, (3) how they are best governed and managed, and (4) how to determine if the desired benefits have actually been achieved.
It also describes what executives can reasonably demand of the project management discipline and of the executives and managers responsible for that discipline within their organizations.
We do not attempt to go into the details here of project planning, estimating, scheduling, reporting, and control. A typical description of a project manager’s responsibilities for one specific type of project is presented in order to convey the integrative characteristics of that important role in project management

capability of sound project, program, and portfolio management and to gain a good understanding of how to achieve excellence in these capabilities has been emphasized in the positive feedback received from readers of the first edition of this book. This second edition has been updated throughout to demonstrate even further business value.
Many articles are available regarding the high failure rate of projects. While there are a number of root causes for failures in all project categories, the authors of this book plus others have come to realize that the primary cause of many project failures is the fact that responsible executives, because of their lack of knowledge in project management, and fail to demand that their managers and staffs properly utilize the well-proven, best practices, processes, systems and tools that are now available in this field.
It is equally important that executives who are project, program, and portfolio sponsors (see Chapters 2 and 4) understand how their knowledge of the concepts presented in this book will contribute to the success of their effort. Executives need to be engaged not only in the important beginning and completion of the work but also to understand how key their support is throughout project and program execution.
The intent of this book is to remedy this situation by providing executives at all levels with the understanding and knowledge they need to demand excellent performance in managing the programs and projects that will achieve both the required innovation and the execution of the strategies for growth and improvement within their enterprises. The book will also be of use to all levels of project management practitioners, as it informs them about the demands that their executives must place on their shoulders

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