Project Management Olaf Passenheim


Project Management Olaf Passenheim

Project management nowadays is regarded as a very high priority as all companies or organisations,  whether small or large, are at one time or another involved in implementing new undertakings,  

 innovations and changes etc. – projects! These projects may be individually diverse, however over time, 
some tools, management techniques and problem-solving approaches have proven themselves to be more  
rewarding than others in bringing projects to a successful end.

The development of project management has always been in parallel to the development of general trends 
in worldwide economics. The 1990's were all about globalisation; the 2000's are about velocity and close 

to the edge of a new decade in which the world maybe has to face an economic recession. Nowadays, 
almost more than ever, everybody asks for “projects” to return the world economy to its former speed. 
This also underlines the importance of continuous learning and development of project management 
capabilities in organisations to allow corporate teams in a fast changing world to work collaboratively in 
defining plans and managing complex projects by synchronising team-oriented tasks, schedules, and
resource allocations.

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