Site Preparation and Resistance to Contaminants


Site Preparation and Resistance to Contaminants

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the Building Regulations and Approved Documents

get more complex with every update, often requiring the services of specialist

professionals to make sense of the provisions (which even they find difficult to
understand!). New areas of control are being introduced each year and the scope
of the existing regulations is being extended with each revision.
The current Approved Documents only provide detailed guidance in the design
of extremely simple and straightforward buildings using mainly traditional techniques.
Larger and more complex buildings require access to other source
documents but, although these are referred to in the Approved Documents, no
details of their contents or advantages of use are given. Therefore, the Approved
Documents are becoming less and less useful to anyone concerned with the design
and construction of any but the most simple of buildings, and are in danger of
becoming merely an index of references.

To date, currently published guidance works on the Building Regulations and
Approved Documents have tended merely to restate the official guidance in a
simpler fashion with additional illustrations. Some of these works have restructured
the guidance in an attempt to make it more user-friendly, but have not really
added value. Additionally, where the Approved Documents have made reference
to alternative guidance sources the texts have tended to do the same – without
attempting to state what advantages might be gained by using a different approach
and without giving even the most basic details of what might be contained in the
reference texts.


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