An Introduction to Management Science


An Introduction to Management Science

The purpose of this revised thirteenth edition, as with previous

editions, is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a sound conceptual

understanding of the role that management science plays in the decision-making process.

The text describes many of the applications where management science is used successfully.

Former users of this text have told us that the applications we describe have led them
to find new ways to use management science in their organizations.
An Introduction to Management Science is applications oriented and continues to use
the problem-scenario approach that is a hallmark of every edition of the text. Using the
problem-scenario approach, we describe a problem in conjunction with the management
science model being introduced. The model is then solved to generate a solution and recommendation
to management. We have found that this approach helps to motivate the student
by not only demonstrating how the procedure works, but also how it contributes to the
decision-making process.

From the very first edition we have been committed to the challenge of writing a textbook
that would help make the mathematical and technical concepts of management science
understandable and useful to students of business and economics. Judging from the
responses from our teaching colleagues and thousands of students, we have successfully
met the challenge. Indeed, it is the helpful comments and suggestions of many loyal users
that have been a major reason why the text is so successful.
Throughout the text we have utilized generally accepted notation for the topic being
covered so those students who pursue study beyond the level of this text should be comfortable
reading more advanced material. To assist in further study, a references and bibliography
section is included at the back of the book.


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