AACE International Certified Cost Technician


AACE International Certified Cost Technician

Cost Engineering and Total Cost Management:

AACE International is dedicated to the tenets of furthering the concepts of Total Cost Management and Cost 
Engineering. Total Cost Management is the effective application of professional and technical expertise to plan and 

control resources, costs, profitability and risk. Simply stated, it is a systematic approach to managing cost

throughout the life cycle of any enterprise, program, facility, project, product or service.
This is accomplished 
through the application of cost engineering and cost management principles, proven methodologies and the latest 

in support of the management process.

Purpose of This Document:

This Primer provides someone who is preparing to sit for AACE International’s Certified Cost Technician (CCT™)

certification exam, a detailed outline of the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully achieve this 


The Primer is based upon AACE International Recommended Practice 11R-88, Required Skills and Knowledge of
Cost Engineering. It is intended to outline what core skills and knowledge of cost engineering a person is required 
to have in order to be considered a professional practitioner, and in doing so, establish the emphasis of core
subjects for AACE International education and certification programs.


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