brilliant project management


 brilliant project management
What the best project managers know, say and do

In some ways finalising these acknowledgements has been the
hardest part of writing this book. So many people have contributed
both directly and indirectly – and sometimes unknowingly. It would
be impossible to name everyone here, but we’re sure you’ll let us know
that we owe you a drink – maybe even a couple!
We’d like to start by thanking all the people we’ve worked with over
recent years. They’ve not only helped us to deliver projects, they’ve
sparked many of our ideas. We’d also like to record our appreciation
for everyone who reviewed our draft material. Their feedback was very
useful and gave us plenty of encouragement. We’re grateful to the
team at Pearson too, for making the book happen. Everyone there
made us feel this project was very important.

All kinds of other people have had a positive effect on us and have
influenced this book in subtler ways: family, friends and fellow professionals.
Over the years, they’ve helped us to keep a sense of
perspective and tried to stop us from taking ourselves too seriously.
And none of this would have happened without the support of Rachel
Stock, who saw potential in our rough early work and persuaded her
colleagues at Pearson to commission the book.


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