Construction Project Scheduling and Control


Construction Project Scheduling and Control

  • Bar (Gantt) Charts
  • Basic Networks
  • The Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Precedence Networks
  • Resource Allocation and Resource Leveling
  • Schedule Updating and Project Control
  • Schedule Compression and Time-Cost Trade-Off
  • Reports and Presentations
  • Scheduling as Part of the Project Management Effort
  • Other Scheduling Methods
  • Dynamic Minimum Lag Relationship
  • Construction Delay and Other Claims
  • Schedule Risk Management

Five years have passed since my book Construction Project Scheduling and Control

came out. The response was more than encouraging. I received correspondence from
several countries—comments, suggestions, requests for solutions, and simple complements.
The simplicity was the most praised trait of the book. I was so happy and
proud when the language editor (of the first edition) corrected me regarding an
activity’s total float in an example in the book. She was not a technical person but
learned the Critical Path Method while linguistically reviewing my book.

During the past five years, I used my book in my seminars and college classes. I
discussed it with my friends, colleagues, and students. I kept a log of all suggestions
and corrections. I was thinking of the second edition just after the first one came out in
2004, just like a basketball coach thinking of the next season while in the current
season. Although I was very happy and content with the way the book came out and
was received, I discovered that there is no such thing as perfect human product.
Imperfection is part of our nature as human beings, but we should think positively
about it; there is always room for improvement. I had to combine satisfaction with
ambition in completing this second edition with a strong conviction that the third
edition is coming out in a few years.


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