Fundamentals of Project Management


Fundamentals of Project Management

Preface to the Third Edition:

Like many things in life, the more things change, the more they
stay the same. Interest in project management remains fairly high,
though there has been some decline in recent years. However, the
practice of project management remains questionable, as project
failures continue to be almost as numerous as they were when the
first and second editions of this book were published.
It is one thing to talk about project management and an
entirely different thing to do it. It seems to me there are a lot of
talkers out there but not many do-ers.

This year, 2006, marks my 25th anniversary as a project manager
instructor and consultant. I have personally trained over
30,000 individuals in project management. Yet my guess is that less
than ten percent of them actually practice what they learned.
There are many reasons, but the foremost is probably that the organization
does not support them in practicing formal project management.
In the United States, and perhaps in many other
countries, there is a preference for action rather than planning. We
just want to get the job done, and planning is often viewed as a
waste of time.


  • An Overview of Project Management
  • The Role of the Project Manager
  • Planning the Project
  • Developing a Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives for the Project
  • Using the Work Breakdown Structure to Plan a Project
  • Scheduling Project Work
  • Producing a Workable Schedule
  • Project Control and Evaluation
  • Project Control Using Earned Value Analysis
  • Managing the Project Team
  • How to Make Project Management Work in Your Company
  • Project Management for Everyone



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