Mastering Project Management


Mastering Project Management

this book. I don’t know that the state-of-the art in managing
projects has changed all that much, but the profession has
grown from infancy to at least a moderate maturity, though I
believe it will be some time for full maturity to be reached.
Nevertheless, the Project Management Institute (PMI®)
has grown at an exponential rate during this time, reflecting
the importance of project management as a profession
( And more organizations are requiring their
project managers to become certified as project management
professionals (PMP®) through PMI. For that reason, developing
your skills is important if you want to advance in your
career as a project manager and beyond to higher levels of
general management.

There will always be only a small percentage of any
group that actually master the skills of that discipline. In
sports, there are only a few masters in golf, basketball, soccer,
or tennis. The same is true in management. How many of
them do you know who are really masters at what they do?
For those who do master a discipline, the rewards are usually
far greater than those available to the masses of individuals
who are only adequate at the required skills. Of course, it requires
dedication to self-development and a lot of hard work to
master anything, and project management is no exception.


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