Project Management Step by Step


Project Management Step by Step

This is a book for anybody who is about to start, or who has just started,
on a task that is somewhat bigger and more complex than they are used
to. You may know this is a project, or you may just be realising that your
normal approach of scrawling a hurried list of things to do on a piece of
scrap paper to act as memory jogger is not quite enough to make sure
you get this task done. You may have been given a project by your boss
or you may be an entrepreneur creating your own projects. The project
may be a conventional business project, such as launching a new
product, opening a new branch or improving the way something is
done.However, it may be that you’re embarking on something self-initiated
and non-work-related such as building a new house.

The list of possible projects is endless. The common thing about these tasks is that
they are complex and important. You want to complete the task successfully,
and you want to do so whilst looking fully competent and professional.
What you don’t have is the time, inclination or money to hire or
become a professional project manager. Don’t worry – this book will
show you that in many cases this is not necessary, because project
management is easy.



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