Standard Letters for Building Contractors


Standard Letters for Building Contractors

  • Tendering
  • Contract Documents
  • Insurance and Other Project Planning Matters
  • Operations on Site
  • Payment
  • Payment
  • Loss and/or Expense
  • Termination, Arbitration, Adjudication and Completion
  • Sub-Contractors

It is good to know that this book is considered useful by the construction industry

and especially since the introduction of the CD has made the job of searching for,

amending and printing the letters very simple. Building contracts and sub-contracts

are constantly being revised and the task of trawling through the many clauses does

not become easier. Hopefully, this edition is as clear as the last one.

As well as revising all the letters, omitting some and adding others in the light of
case law and legislation, there have been some fundamental changes since the last
edition. The most significant change is that the whole suite of JCT contracts was rewritten
and published in 2005. The clause numbers have been completely changed
and some things such as Works insurance have been put in schedules at the back
of the contract. Terminology has been altered and clauses re-worded. Nominated
sub-contractors, performance specified work and the contractor’s price statement
have been omitted and third party rights have been introduced.


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