Strategic Management in Construction


Strategic Management in Construction

This book is aimed at students, graduates, and practitioners in all fields of the built
The secund edition has been subject tu a cunsiderable overhaul from the publication
of tlie first edition in 1991. At that time the constriaction industry was in the
midst of a severe recession and construction corporations were actively considering
strategic issues. The professions were starting to emerge as inultidisciplinary
practices with which clients were encouraged to haw ‘one stop shop’ relations.

Since the first edition the construction world has changed and the context of the
second edition is one of an industry with a burgeoning workload and yet with very
small profit margins. The time between the editions have provided tlie construction
industry with new challenges which drive the industry - the Latham and Egan
reports have spurred the industry to perform better and these pivotal reports have
accelerated the evolution of the industry. As part of this renaissance of the industry,
clients became more powerful and better informed, and more knowledgeable about
commissioning, owning and operating their buildings. As a response constructors
and the professions in the industry have had to act strategically rather than
opportunistically. These changes have engendered a new vocabulary, and partnering,
strategic alliances, supply chain management, lean construction and so on
have all been part of the agenda of change. In this volume the authors have sought
to explain the strategic importance of these issues by bringing together ideas from
the wnrld of economics, marketing, management, pulieicv and business to serve the
iiinking of strategy in construction firms and the associated professions.



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