The Engineer's Cost Handbook Tools for Managing Project Costs


The Engineer's Cost Handbook Tools for Managing Project Costs

Part I: Estimating Project Costs
  • The Estimating Process
  • Estimating Methodology
  • Estimating Engineering Costs
  • Estimating Engineered Equipment Costs
  • Estimating Bulk Material Costs
  • Estimating Construction Labor and Indirect Costs
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Estimating the Cost of Escalation
  • Location Factor Analysis
  • Estimating the Cost of Environmental Restoration
Part 11: Evaluating Risk and Return
  • Risk and Contingency Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • estment Decision-Making
Part 111: Controlling Project Costs
  • Cost Control Systems
  • Controlling Engineering Costs
  • Controlling the Cost of Engineered Equipment
  • Controlling the Cost of Materials
  • Applying the Principles of Value Engineering
  • Controlling the Cost of Construction Labor
  • Controlling the Cost of Quality
  • Controlling the Cost of Safety
  • Controlling the Costs of Shipping
  • Avoiding Claims

The authors of The Engineerk Cost Handbook represent the highest level of
cost engineering expertise and experience. Bringing these experts together to
create this book would not have been possible without AACE International,
(formerly The American Association of Cost Engineers).


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