The PMI Project Management Fact Book


The PMI Project Management Fact Book


  • Section On-The Profession
  • SectionTwo-Theproject
  • Section Thre-Individuals Working in Project Management
  • Section Four-The Environment of Project Management
  • Section Fve-The Project Management lntiiute
  • PMIEndsPolicies
  • PMI Ethical Standards
  • PMIComponents
  • PMI Professional Awards
  • PMI Registered Education Providers
  • PMP Code of Professional Conduct
  • Project Management Degree Programs

The Project Management Institute (PMIB) is pleased to publish The

PMI Project Management Fact Book, Second Edition.

PMI is the world's leading project management association, now
with more than 70,000 members in more than 120 countries. Individual
practitioners, along with businesses, industries, and organizations,
count on the project management profession and PMI to
help them succeed in the global marketplace, accomplishing their
strategic objectives through the practice of project management. PMI
is committed to delivering products and services that set the industry
standard, advance the project management knowledge base, and
meet the needs of our members and other stakeholders.


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