Why Leadership Sucks


Why Leadership Sucks

Why does leadership suck? It sucks because real
leadership is hard and requires selfless service. It also
sucks because the buck stops here, meaning it is
ultimately the leader’s responsibility to deal with all of
the crap. Lastly, it is easier to be too harsh instead of
balancing our hard and soft nature. It requires less effort
to “lead” (if you can call it that) in the harsh, dictatorial,
selfish way that is so prevalent today. The alternative
to selfish “leadership” is servant leadership, or Level 5
leadership (I consider these terms to be synonymous).

This book points to the practical steps I have found to
move toward becoming a Level 5/servant leader. Level
5 leadership is uncomfortable, humbling, self-denying,
painful, and counterintuitive; nonetheless, in the long
term, it is the only kind of leadership that brings lasting
results, genuine happiness, and true self-fulfillment.


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