Integrated Design and Cost Management for Civil Engineers


Integrated Design and Cost Management for Civil Engineers

  • Introduction
  • Cost planning and control
  • Timelines and scheduling civil engineering projects
  • Quality control in civil engineering projects
  • Contract documentation for civil engineering projects
  • Engineering ethics and professional development
  • Integrated design and cost management solutions

A successful civil engineer needs to be able to provide his or her client

with practical solutions to specific problems. Not only does the solution
need to be technically fit-for-use but it also needs to be cost-effective and
time-efficient. Using case studies to illustrate the principles and processes
it describes, this book is a guide to designing, costing and scheduling a
civil engineering project to suit a client’s brief. The procedures presented
emphasise correct quantification and planning of works to give reliable
cost and time predictions towards minimising the risk of losing business
through cost blowouts or losing profits through underestimation.
Methods are framed within the necessary local ethical and legal requirements.
The main territories applicable are Australasia and Southeast Asia
and the wider sphere of Commonwealth Nations, although the principles
are internationally relevant.


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