Practical Guide to Management and documentation of projects Construction


Practical Guide to Management
and documentation of projects Construction

Construction industry of the oldest human industries over the past few decades, the industry has seen a jump
The quality of physical movement represented a recovery in the world and the emergence of mega-projects in addition to the emergence of
New cities thriving.
The construction project management nucleus of modern engineering work, as the successful implementation of Legislators believe
The project without prejudice to the financial and time budgets allocated to it.
Administrative processes documented help determine the actual status of the project and updating the plan
Implementation, which believes in maintaining the path of the project and resource conservation at the same time. So
We need to permanently document the decisions and plans and all that results from the project work.

I wanted to be practical this guide as much as possible, stay away from elongating and narrative theory information
Naked, I wish I could be excused reader Bharita and lack of perfection in this business, who want to help him
Fellow engineers during the construction and construction operations.
This is the oldest book Free eBook format, in order to spread knowledge and culture Engineering Management
, Hoping to be at the required level.


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