Project Management, Planning, and Control


Project Management, Planning, and Control

Project management, like every other aspect of life, is constantly changing and developing,
so that for a textbook to remain relevant, it inevitably has to be updated periodically to
reflect these changes. In the case of project management training, these changes are mainly
ones of emphasis on particular topics as perceived by setters of examination papers or
compilers of national or international standards. The soft topics now feature more widely in
examination questions and although these are not unique to project management they are, of
course, part and parcel of good general management. Whether industry attaches the same
importance to some of these emphasised topics is a matter of debate. Nevertheless, a
number of changes have been incorporated in this 6th edition to enable the reader to keep
abreast of events.

A major change in the book is the replacement of the Hornet Windmill computer program by

the well-known Primavera P6 project management program. Although Hornet Windmill still
is an excellent system, it is unfortunately not marketed anymore by its originators, Claremont
Controls. I decided therefore to include a new chapter specially written by Arnaud Morvan
from Milestone Ltd., which describes the latest version of Primavera P6 (now part of Oracle),
which was used on numerous infrastructure projects such as Transport for London, Network
Rail, and Heathrow Airport.



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