Value Engineering Master mind


Value Engineering Mastermind

  • History of value engineering
  • Father of value analysis/value engineering
  • Professional societies of value engineering
  • Certification programme
  • Value engineering theory
  • Finance
  • Human relation
  • Techniques
  • Creativity techniques
  • Managerial traits
  • Solution

My suggestion to all the readers of this book is to pick up
whichever chapter seems interesting and start from there; read
the text and then work out the right answers for the questions.
Obviously there is a fallback to see the correct answers at the end
of the book. But my sincere request to all my readers is to explore
what the wrong options also mean.
I feel that in the modern day digitized world, compact reading
materials will help ignite passion for a subject. And hence, I
consider this book as a supplement for my first book mentioned earlier. Together these two books will serve for an on-the-move

reading material as well as an in-depth understanding of each
subject matter.


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