How to Write a Business Plan


How to Write a Business Plan

  • How to Use This Book
  • Benefits of Writing a Business Plan
  • Do You Really Want to Own a Business?
  • Choosing the Right Business
  • Potential Sources of Money to Start or Expand Your Small Business
  • Your Resume and Financial Statement
  • Your Profit and Loss Forecast
  • Your Cash Flow Forecast and Capital Spending Plan
  • Write Your Marketing and Personnel Plans
  • Editing and Finalizing Your Business Plan
  • Selling Your Business Plan
  • After You Open—Keeping on the Path to Success
  • Good Resources for Small Businesses

Here is a book designed to help you write a 
first-rate business plan and loan application.
How to Write a Business Plan contains 
detailed forms and step-by-step instructions
designed to help you prepare a well-thoughtout,
well-organized plan. It shows you how to 
pply proven financial and business planning
techniques used by traditional lenders and 
investors to your benefit. Coupled with your
positive energy and will to succeed, this book 
shows you how to design a business plan
and loan package you will be proud to show 
to the loan officer at your bank, the Small
Business Administration, 
or your Uncle Harry.
But this book does more than just take 
you through the steps of writing a business
plan. More importantly, the tools and 
techniques in this book help you decide
if your business idea will work.
The same
financial and analytical tools necessary to 

convince potential lenders and investors 
that your business idea is sound can help 
you decide whether your idea is the right
business for you.


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