Tendering procedures according to FIDIC


Tendering procedures according to FIDIC

  • Project Strategy
  • Prequalificalion of Tenderers
  • Obtaining Tcndcrs
  • Opening of Tenders
  • Evaluation ofTendcrs
  • Award of Contract

This document presents a systematic approach for tendering and
awarding of contracts for international construction projects. It is
intended to assist the employer/engineer to receive sound competitive
tenders in accordance with the tender documents so that they can be
quickly and efficiently assessed. At the same time, an effort has been
made to provide the opportunity and incentive to contractors to respond
easily to invitations to tender for projects which they are qualified to
implement. It is hoped that the adoption of this procedure will minimise
tendering costs and ensure that all tenderers receive a fair and equal
opportunity to submit their olTers on a reasonable and comparable basis.


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