A Guide to Lean Six Sigma Management Skills


A Guide to Lean Six Sigma  Management Skills

  • The Meaning and Purpose of Work
  • Motivation and Compensation
  • Working Conditions
  • Behavior and Relationships

In summary, the purpose of Six Sigma management is to “promote joy in work” for all employees so that they have the energy to participate in the improvement and innovation projects identified from the organizational dashboard! ―Howard S Gitlow Authored by Dr, Howard Gitlow, one of the most respected Six Sigma Master Black Belts, this well-organized volume demonstrates the implementation of quality improvements into the all areas of the workplace from the shop floor through a company’s executive offices. Illustrating his points with a number of case studies, the book provides a compelling argument as to why Six Sigma should be the preferred approach. It also explains how to build an organization that both encourages and values the input of quality teams, and details the steps they must take to implement and maintain lean initiatives.


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