Information Technology for Managers by George Reynolds


Information Technology for Managers by George Reynolds

  • Chapter 1 Managers: Key to Information Technology Results
  • Chapter 2 Strategic Planning
  • Chapter 3 Project Management
  • Chapter 4 Business Process and IT Outsourcing
  • Chapter 5 Corporate Governance and IT
  • Chapter 6 Collaboration Tools and Wireless Networks
  • Chapter 7 E-business
  • Chapter 8 Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Chapter 9 Business Intelligence
  • Chapter 10 Knowledge Management
  • Chapter 11 Enterprise Architecture
  • Chapter 12 Ethical, Privacy, and Security Issues

Why This Text?
The undergraduate capstone course on information technology and the MBA level information technology course required of College of Business graduates are two of the most challenging courses in the business curriculum to teach. Students in both courses often start the term skeptical of the value of such a course. Indeed, “Why do I need to take this course?” is frequently their attitude. Unfortunately, this attitude is only perpetuated by most texts, which take the approach of “Here is a lot of technical stuff you have to understand.” As a result, students complete the course without getting as much from it as they could. The instructors of such courses are disappointed, receive poor student evaluations, and wonder what went wrong. An opportunity to deliver an outstanding and meaningful course has been missed.


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