Basics of Good Project Management by Greta Blash


Basics of Good Project Management by Greta Blash

Project management is a discipline that is in great and ever-increasing demand across all industries and within organizations of all sizes. It has now evolved from a specialized technical skill to a life skill. Despite its wide proliferation, there remain key concepts that apply to all projects, regardless of size or budget. The Basics of Good Project Management is a way to learn the fundamental skills required to successfully manage projects through simple examples and every day terminology, to make project management theories more easily understood. The authors use both their business experience and their academic backgrounds to make these project concepts applicable to projects of all sizes and complexities. This book will outline these key principles to help readers understand what is involved in successfully managing a project, from determining the scope and planning the project, to reporting on and monitoring progress of the effort, and ultimately delivering a successful result. It also addresses the importance of interpersonal skills and ethical behavior.

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