Construction Project Management: Planning and Scheduling


Construction Project Management: Planning and Scheduling

  • Introduction to the Planning of Projects
  • The Work Breakdown Structure
  • Graphical Conventions for Tasks, Events, and Networks
  • Developing Network Diagrams from a Precedence Grid
  • Time and the Duration of Activities
  • Time Calculations for Bubble and Arrow Networks
  • Delays and Other Constraints
  • Scheduling Resource Procurement
  • Resource Leveling
  • Reducing the Duration of a Project
  • Communicating Your Planning Information

The book is about the basic scheduling of projects. It does not consider the connections to budgeting, cost control, or the many other disciplines that require a schedule as a base because there are many good texts that deal with these subjects. The examples have a construction focus but the techniques apply to any kind of project from theatrical productions to military maneuvers. There are over 150 illustrations that expand on the written descriptions in this text. Because computer programs are nearly completely pictorial, the book subliminally introduces the visual approach to scheduling.

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