Industrial Project Management:Planning, Design, and Construction


Industrial Project Management:Planning, Design, and Construction

The organisation and management of an enterprise is increasingly considered from the viewpoint of gaining a competitive advantage, seeing that the technical equipment of other firms may be the same as theirs and technology can often be acquired. Organisation and management are more difficult to imitate and so determine the characteristic of winning strategy i.e. uniqueness. If several firms possess a Ferrari, success will depend on their ability to drive it! The continuous evolution of technology and competitive and market dynamics convince managers, though the firm may be only carrying out traditional activities of production and control, of the wisdom of focusing greater attention on the management of change and innovation. It should be deemed competitive and strategic rather than confined to the mere role of supplier of specifics for the routine activities. 

The risks increase but also the opportunities. It is important to be prepared to play a proactive role; if a project could be considered a wager on the future, this should be the best that could be done and its pursuit the propellant of all the activities.

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