Strategic Management


Strategic Management

The Paper 6 of Professional Competence Course is divided into two sections viz. Information Technology and Strategic Management. This book has been prepared to help in learning of section B of the Paper – Strategic Management. Information technology and strategic Management are as such two different subjects with different focus. In the examinations also students shall be using separate answer books to attempt different sections. However, at the same time there are some commonalities between the two subjects. Strategic management of information technology in business organizations is an emerging area that requires altogether different managerial skills to handle. Managing information technology is an important aspect that assists in gaining competitive advantage and entails integration of the two subjects. There are two broad issues that emerges. They are (a) strategic management of information technology and (b) using information technology in strategic management. These two issues are not sought to be covered in the study material except for a few inklings here and there. For our purpose, considering that the objective is to provide working knowledge, they shall remain entirely different subjects.

Strategic management is important for Chartered Accountants. With the changing scope of the Chartered Accountancy profession and the multifarious nature of the work profile of professionals the students need to learn newer and different concepts and acquire multidimensional skills. With this focus the subject of Strategic Management in chartered accountancy is included in the education and training. Chartered Accountants reaching high in the corporate ladder also need to be sound in the concepts and principles of strategic management.

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