Project Management in the Oil and Gas Industry


Project Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

  • How to Manage Oil and Gas Projects
  • Project Economic Analysis
  • Pitfalls in Time Schedule Planning
  • Project Cost Control
  • Resource Hiring
  • Tendering, Bidding, and Contract Traps
  • New Approach in Managing Oil and Gas Projects
  • Practical Risk Management for Oil and Gas Projects

This book is not only addressed to graduating engineers who wish to improve their skills in project management, but also to upper level management. This book covers all of the project management subjects from an industrial point of view specifically for petroleum projects. The aim of this book is to be helpful to any engineering discipline or staff in sharing or applying the work of a petroleum project. Why do the senior managers accept this project and refuse the others? Why does this company have huge investments in this country, but little investments on another countries, especially in oil and gas projects? These questions are always on our mind, so it is important to discuss them clearly. Knowledge is power. When you understand well, you will do well. Therefore, in this book, we will illustrate exactly what the project manager is thinking when they are working on a project and what their objectives and goals are. On the other hand, we will discuss what team members may be thinking through the project stages and what their objectives and goals are.
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