Who is the Planning Engineer

Who is the Planning Engineer

Planning Engineer:
A planning engineer works with a site manager to develop suitable construction
methods and sequences for a project.

Job describtion:

Planning engineers determine and develop the most suitable and economically viable construction and engineering methods for projects. They are involved throughout the development stages, and are present on site during the build to oversee procedures. It is the responsibility of the planning engineer to estimate a timescale for a project and to ensure that the outlined deadlines are met. They work closely with site managers and other engineers to ensure a project runs on schedule and that material supplies are sufficient.

Work activities:

  • 1-Deciding on the most appropriate engineering techniques and sequences of activities for each project stage.
  • 2-Drawing plans; using specialised design software packages.
  • 3-Ensuring plans meet the client’s specifications.
  • 4-Making estimations for timescales and costs.
  • 5-Supervising the project at all stages and providing solutions to problems.
  • 6-Collaborating with site managers, surveyors, engineers, site worker and other professionals.
  • 7-Organising the transportation of materials.
  • 8-Ensuring procedures are carried out safely

Work conditions:

Travel: is necessary in order to visit sites; positions with multinational companies may involve periods on sites based overseas. Working hours: are typically standard office hours, but strict deadlines mean longer hours, weekends and being on-call are all possible. Location: with construction and engineering companies throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Some companies offer posts overseas.
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Entry requirements:

A relevant degree in an engineering subject is required; prior experience in engineering management is necessary for many positions.
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